Wear Sensors


Good to know:
HELLA PAGID offers more than 150 warning contacts in addition to the brake pads that already ship with the devices. If a factory brake pad is prepared for a warning contact but does not ship with it, we allow customers to retrofit one so that they do not have to sacrifice safety. The electronic wear indicators from HELLA PAGID are highly resistant to heat and have very good thermal insulation.

Good to have:
Useful accessories for all brake system components – including a complete set for all common fixing bolts in a compact and practical metal box.


The condition of the brake system has a major effect on road safety and is mainly checked by the wear indicator, whose function and effect should therefore never be underestimated.

Wear indicators for brake pads make an important contribution to your safety by ensuring that your vehicle always has functionally reliable brakes. You should therefore never make any compromises and always use name-brand accessories from HELLA PAGID, which are manufactured according to OE specifications and are comprised exclusively of high-quality materials to ensure the highest possible level of safety, durability and comfort. As the name already implies, wear indicators are a monitoring device that lets you know when the brake pads are worn to the point that they need to be replaced. There are two different types of wear indicator – mechanical and electronic:

1. Mechanical wear indicators, which are fastened to the brake pad base plate, generate
a loud, vibrating warning noise during braking as soon as the friction material has reached the minimum thickness rating that is still safe to drive with.

pad with wear indicator

2. Electronic monitoring systems, on the other hand, are embedded in the friction material itself.
When the critical minimum thickness rating is reached, the cable is separated during braking, thus interrupting the electric circuit and creating a short circuit that triggers a warning bulb to illuminate in the instrument cluster.

pad with electronic monitoring system